Cristina Palmieri

Institutional and Public Affairs

Cristina Palmieri, Bachelor of Science in Political Science and International Relations, is a manager of an Italian workforce provider company, responsible for Public Affairs and Labor Relations.

Cristina Palmieri has a twenty years’ experience in leading Media, Public and External relations for Italian institutions, corporate, organizations and Research centers. For many years she has been cooperating with a network of public and private organizations carrying out fund raising activities and coordinating ESF projects.

She is a Founding member and Director of Public Affairs of the Italian Institute of Strategic Studies “Niccolò Machiavelli. Cristina Palmieri has negotiated labor agreements, leveraged and implemented numerous partnerships with companies, universities, Research centers and think tanks, supporting IISS Machiavelli in the relations with the media and the development of European Commission-funded Research programs, advanced and post graduate courses, seminars and international conferences.