Valeria Fiorani Piacentini

fioraniProfessor of History and Institutions of Muslim Countries – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Milan

Valeria Fiorani Piacentini is Full Professor of History and Institutions of Muslim Countries in the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milano – Italy (Faculty of Political Science).
Director of the Athenaeum Centre “CRiSSMA” (Research Centre on the Southern System and Wider Mediterranean). On leave of absence from the Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli from November 1977 to November 1980, she has been appointed as adviser to the Dept. for International Cultural Relations and to the Department for Cooperation with Developing Countries (Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs). She was Staff writer of Oriente Moderno, monthly magazine published by the Istituto per l’Oriente (Roma) from 1962 to 1975, and Editor to the: Encyclopaedia Europea, Garzanti publ. (Milano, Italy); Encyclopaedia Vallardi Milano, Italy); De Agostini Atlas (Novara, Italy).
She was Member of the Editorial and Director Board of the Nuova Rivista Storica (New Historical Journal) published by Dante Alighieri – Milano University, and Member of the bilateral Italian-Turkish Forum of Dialogue (Ministries for Foreign Affairs) .
She was Professor and member of the Scientific Board of the Master in ‘Historical Juridicial Culture and Architecture in Modern-Contemporary Mediterranean Region’ at University of Naples “Federico II”. She was Member collaborator to the Institute for Humanities “F. Petrarca”, Milano, Italy.