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Francesco D'Arrigo

Director of

Francesco D'Arrigo is a founding member of the Institute.
He served as Staff Officer in the Italian Navy achieving, as well as various specializations, i brevetti di Naval Aviator e pilota di elicotteri presso il Flight Training Command della U.S. Navy.
He has gained extensive experience as a manager of research and oversaw the design of higher education courses, seminars and conferences, also internationally.
He holds a degree in Political Science.

Claudio Blacks

Director of Research Department

Claudio Blacks is one of the Founding Members of the Institute.
He is professor of analytical techniques and systems consultant for intelligence and national organizations and foreign.
He is responsible for the affairs of the Centre and the Institute of Strategic and International research program on national security strategies.
He holds a degree in Law, specializing in international relations and intelligence.

Arduino Paniccia

Academic Director

The Prof. Arduino Paniccia is Professor of Strategic Studies and International Economics at the University of Trieste. He has collaborated with the European Union and the United Nations and regularly holds courses in strategic marketing and business strategies.
CEO of the company's Solar SpA. and consultant for companies and institutions. Presiede l’Economic and Corporate Advisory Board dell’Istituto.

Cristina Palmieri

External Relations

Cristina Palmieri was responsible for the management of institutional relations in Italy and abroad for research institutions and companies. For many years he develops an intense cooperation activities through an established network of relationships with public and businesses is also engaged in fund raising and coordination of ESF projects.
È laureata in Scienze Politiche Sociali e Internazionali.

Thomas Fingar Publications

Books and Monographs   Reducing Uncertainty: Intelligence Analysis and National Security. Stanford, CA: Stanford University … read more_>

Alex Alexiev

Nato in Bulgaria, Alex Alexiev has studied at the State University of Sofia and the University of California at Los Angeles (Ucla), where he received a bachelor's degree and post-graduate in Political Science. He has thirty years of experience in national security, seventeen of which spent as a senior analyst and project director of several research projects at the Department of Defense and other government agencies. Già vicepresidente del Center for Security Policy
di Washington D.C. Sofia recently founded the Center for Balkan and Black Sea Studies.

Christopher Andrew

Christopher Andrew is Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at the University of Cambridge and Chair of the British Intelligence Study Group. Story, role and influence of intelligence agencies are the main object of the research of Prof. By Andrew 2003 is the official historian of the British Security Service (Mi5).

Uri Bar-Joseph

Uri Bar-Joseph is an associate professor in the Division of International Relations – School of Political Science University of Haifa. Specializing in Strategic Studies Prof. Bar-Joseph is the author of numerous research and publications on intelligence, Middle East conflict and the Israeli national security. Uri Bar Joseph received his Ph.D.. in Political Science from Stanford University.